How to use the Macro tool

Creating a macro in Sketchup pro

What Macro tool are you referring to? SketchUp doesn’t have a “macro tool.”

Answering an open ended question/statement

I’m sorry I think I asked the wrong group. I am using Sketchup with 3DConnexion’s SpacePilot Pro. As one of the button assignments, on the SpacePilot is creating a new macro as one of the options.
Maybe one of the forum members may have run into this problem.
Sorry for the delay, its summer and I have a lot of outside work to do.

You shouldn’t take the existence of a “Macor” button on the SpacePilot Pro as an indication that there’s a way to record macros in SketchUp. You may be able to record a set of button presses on the device but that’s not the same as recording a macro in SketchUp.

Following up on @DaveR‘s post, SketchUp has no supported macro capability and does not offer an external automation interface. To a large degree this is because SketchUp is not command driven. It works via Tools accessed via the visual, interactive GUI.