Is there any api for 2D DWG export in Sketchup 2016?

Is there any api for 2D DWG export in Sketchup 2016 ? I can’t find any 2D format that can be exported except PDF.
This question has been raised in 2014. But does Sketchup get improved ? Is there any way to export 2D DWG except those mentioned in the question below?

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2D dwg or dxf can be imported by way of block first, hopefully useful

Sorry,could you tell me what is “the way of block” ?

That sounds like it has to do with conditioning a file in AutoCAD to make it more friendly for import, but having nothing to do with export from SketchUp. But I see dwg and dxf as options in the Export->2D Graphic menu, so I’m confused by your question. These exports are in SketchUp Pro only, but your profile says you have Pro…

before in imports at SU, file 2D dwg or dxf in the block or in the group advance to the autocad, after the block or in a group then imported at SU.
may be useful

DWG, EPS and PDF export features are only part of SketchUp Pro, not the Make version. There are free DXF export plugins available for Make.