Is there an extension to give thickness to single layer faces?

Sorry I don’t have the technical lingo I am 55+ and have difficulty explaining my situation within
SKU etc.

A friend told me, you design these amazing buildings (like the one during Covid

Why don’t you try to make them accessible in VR and maybe make it a game encounter space
this gave me inspiration and the courage, and so I started.

Considering I worked on my model over a year nearly full time I am very very distraught to find out how many faces are not showing after loading my Fbx file into Unreal Engine.
Reading here advice I comprehend the huge error to proceed like an Artist in building a huge mode
like painting a canvas. The sheer number of faces and groups makes me want to crawl and hide
How am I to find all the faces to reverse? And how to turn all that is glass and water into double layer.
I just finished to give a thickness to the parametric style UFO roof.
I am shocked each time I connect the two layers the new face facing me shows me as back and not the front. Why is that?
It there an extension for sale or not to give a thickness to all single faces I am on SKU19
i don’t have an online subscription for SKY or PS etc…I just don’t have the budget for it.
I guess I am still a beginner even after so many years on SKU due to my artistic incline.
If there was such an extensions I went to Freddo reverse faces and it asked me
do you want to apply to the entire model. I clicked YES
it showed the time clock for 6 hours and I gave up. Or should I let it run and entire night.
But what guarantees me that all the faces will be in the right direction
if so may only have one face?
I don’t mind spending the time applying materials again.
When, as per advise I looked at my mode in the view monochrome, nearly everything facing me
showed me the dark grey faces. ( I made them darker as advised by someone here in the Forum)
But them having materials already on both sides like the chess board style

of glass roof why does it still matter?
I also have much of my building in an underground world of space and water like an
amusement park.

Even my elevated walkway glass banisters that are made with push&pull from a glass pattern in the floor still say, they show the reverse side so are the all to be reversed?
I have searched for help online was offered help by someone abroad
who is describes himself as a data specialist. It’s 25$ per hour.
He isn’t showing any 3D work on his site at johnboltportfolio dot onrender dot com
I did no find any negative reviews about this site or name which sounds promising.
How do I know I am not falling to a help that may cost me thousands with the state of my model?
I am willing a try to pay for some help but I am in no way with the finances able to pay for many
$ 0000.00 The person seems very knowledgeable and considering in his way of communicating
but then it’s still online. Once I hand over my entire file it’s like giving my entire work to someone somewhere on the internet.
Is there a way I put his knowledge to the test with part of my model only?
It took me 30 minutes to migrate my fbx file from SKU to Unreal Engine
and he says it it is that fast why go looking for help?
I replied he would feel bad to charge me a min of 250$ if it only took me 30 minutes
I replied, that obviously the results were not satisfactory and revealed not displaying many pf my faces.
that now I finally seem to understand MAYBE are the reasons I have man single layer faces and in the wrong direction.
In Lumion10 everything showed hunky dory so I wasn’t worried at all continuing building
and renderings (over 600 x)
but when I wanted to take it into the world of VR with my VIVE helmet (A generous Xmas gift)
my model showed I was able to move around in it
but I was likely to fall into many holes like floors and walls missing .
Thanks for anyone reading this far and sharing an insight that may help me
grasp any possible saviour in this endeavour that I truly love.

Joint push pull has a Thickener mode.


You could try exporting as fbx using the “Export only the current selection” and “Export two-sided faces” options.

Here is the SU documentation on that: Exporting FBX Files | SketchUp Help

In your image above you are showing Model Info → Statistics (X Show Nested Components). If you turn Show Nested Components off the number of edges and faces should be 0. If you are using components and groups, and nesting them, those numbers should be lower as well. So, you might not have as much to export as it seems.

I don’t use Unreal but if it’s anything like Unity, you should be able to export your selected groups/components and drag them into Unreal to test-as-you go. Or, if you know what is not looking right, try exporting those with two-sided faces, drop in Unreal, and see if that does the trick.


Hello Mr 3DX
Thank you I will first try to understand your advise and then see if I can implement.
I guess UE is like Unity (that I haven’t used)

I just read through that
When you export an FBX file, you can choose from the following options:

It sounds exiting I will try.

What I am very scared of
if I export part of my model
how can I place them exact in the same position in the UE model

Its quite gigantic in itself 50x50m in SKU

I am very concerned if I change it all into say 5x5m I won’t be able to zoom into the details anymore
and the VR mode would be maybe as tiny also?
I have a lake and a pool
how do I make water layers double?
I saw the new Lumion allows to fill the water like a volume that matches the volume of the pool walls
(like a self contained body) that can be streches as needed to fill the pool
Is this how I have to built water in Sketchup to show in the fbx?
Thank you.

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Hello Mr Aaron
I use “joint push pull” quite often
but I find it always leaves the bottom open or I am doing something wrong

I don’t see where the “joint push pull” has a “thickener” only mode?

When I select multiples and I pull it marks all these white floating lines
to show how far it will be pulled
but I have never seen a button or option to “thicken only”
Thank you.

I’d open a new SU model and do some Copy and Paste in Place of groups/components into the new working SU model. I’d try exporting only a selected group or component with two-sides that is having problems. Import it to UE. Does that solve the problem?

Then I’d do another test. Select 2 groups or components. Then hide one of them and export it. One of the export options is to “Preserve Component Hierarchies”. What shows up in the UE “Hierarchy”? If the Hierarchy maintains a ‘template’ of the hidden group/component you could use that to align the group/component later when you export it again while Not hidden. Also, what information is there? Maybe there is positioning info.

If nothing of the hidden group shows up in UE, I’d pick something in the hidden group/component that makes it very obvious how it connects to the group that is not hidden. I’d delete everything except the part that touches the reference group and export it like that. Then copy (and Paste in Place) the ‘complete’ group/component back into the working model. Export that. You should be able to align the ‘guide’ and the second complete fbx. I’m guessing that you can delete parts of the fbx’s in Unreal Engine. Delete the overlapping ‘guide’.

Otherwise, you might be able to use Datasmith: Datasmith - Unreal Engine

Here are some instructions of how to use it that may help:

You should check your normals and make sure they are facing the right direction. Any reversed face ( light purple color) will show invisible inside Unreal Engine. Other option is to check the material setting in UN and make it " Two sided" material. @Voicefromwithin

This is all VERY exciting to try and see which one to implement and test
Reading to potential outcome
it sounds the most rewarding so
I just tried to apply the setting
" Export Two-Sided Faces:
but before during I click export as fbx. where
do I find these different settings to apply
as the SU documentation shows?
All I get is export as (file type choice)
Note that I am in SKU 19
Thank you.

Should be something like File → Export → 3D Model

Below “File Name” and “Save as Type” in file export window: “Options…”.

I must admit, I feel quite stupid or with my ADHD not pay enough attention.
I never saw, noticed the button OPTION next to EXPORT
I must say I never have used any options before
My model is made in “mm” do I still have to specify that
in the model unit allows to maybe? change that to take to UE?
Should I or now ?

THANK you…


Don’t worry - we all get distracted sometimes. ;^)

I presume the ‘world space’ in UE is in meters. I also don’t know but presume the FBX models will be displayed in meters in UE. So, if your model is ‘life-sized’, you should be good to go either way. Unless you mean your SU model is not to scale. Then you’ll have to resize it. But you have an embarrassment of riches in terms of exporting your groups/components. Try a few things to your hearts’ content and see what happens.

I am so excited right now
it’s taking 2hrs to export till now and only 57% with 16GB of RAM
I guess this time the file will be exploding with info to display in UE.
It used to take 10min …
It’s going to be memorable tomorrow morning, I hope
I guess I let UE import while I sleep.

Hopefully it works out.

You could also do individual groups or components to do quicker checks before committing to the full model export.

Did I helped you to fix this file a few months ago? It looks familiar to me.

Hola Mr Francis.
Yes you helped me regain contole and to fit in an elevated assymetric cross walkway
That I had scewed by mistake and couldn’t fit back into the near square surrounding wall volume .
Muchas gracias.
I wish you could help me get it into UE.
I wouldn’t not mind paying a fee to someone as experienced as yourself.
But tonight I am hopeful I started importing the file into a blank game mode. And now and going to sleep.
It took over three hours to write the SKU fbx file ready to export.
So I guess it may take several hours to load into UE.
Can’t wait to see if the is a significant improvement in the showing the migration of the entire file.
The millions of faces numbers are really mid blowing.
Hasta luego y gracias una autra bed.

It’s a steep learning curve to have a SU to UE workflow. Perhaps try an intermediate step of using Twinmotion. It is already optimised to read *.skp files natively and could probably resolve most of these issues automatically. TM can then sync with UE natively, so you then send the TM file to UE.

Hello wow why did I not read your reply earlier?I will try this as soon as tomorrow.
I tried to export as fbx to the latest Twin motion and it always crashes (the newest version)
I hope it can read SU19 pro files.
Can u take my model then only the UE game mode?
If so that would be heaven.
Thank you