Is there a way to make an autotext unique on each page?

I’d like to add an auto-text for “< Qty >” in the title block of each page. I’d set the auto-text value from the Ruby API in sketchup. I can’t find a way to specify that the auto-text should have a unique value on each page.

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What is “” ?

What exactly do you want the auto text to be? You can make different auto text fields if you want.

The most likely parts of the title block that would need to be different on individual pages would be page name and page number. Those are covered by Auto Text Page Name and Page Number.

I am assuming you are working in Layout. I am not familiar with Ruby as you say you are getting some date from Ruby API in Sketchup.

Yes, in LO. I can think of many other items that could be page-specific. In addition to QTY, you could perhaps have SIZE, COLOR, etc.

This is probably only useful from the Ruby API. I can determine these values inside the SU model when I’m generating the LO pages from Ruby. If I could populate a custom page-specific auto-text, then the end user could place these anywhere on the page they want, as opposed to my hard-coding them to a specific location.

Outside of ruby, it’s not that useful - the user can just overwrite placeholder text from the template.

Thanks, Dave. I would like to be able to create page-specific custom auto-text. I think in the original post, I meant to write “QTY”.

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I haven’t played with Ruby yet. Have you considered creating a component with DC attributes that you could then access via the LO label tool?

My plugin will generate multiple pages in the LO document. I’m trying to automate everything, so the user doesn’t have to do it manually. Using the label tool would still be a manual step. Thanks anyway, though.