Is there a way to change component dimensions?


I’m a brand new user to SketchUp and have created a model of a box. However, when I want to list the dimensions in the generated report, the thickness (for example) is in different LenX, LenY and LenZ columns.

I was able to create a new box model (very basic) by creating all three components flat on the Z plane and then rotating into desired orientation. This gave me a report with the board width all in the LenZ column, which is what I want.

My question: Is there a way to get my original model to display component dimensions as per my new model? I tried changing axes on the components but it didn’t have any effect.

I really don’t want to have to redraw my model because of all the rabbets and box joints.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sometimes a redrawn takes care of things. Rightclick on component > Dynamic Components > Redraw.
Dynamic components tend to have a behavior which isn’t always as expected. Best to have all seperate groups or components in a outer shell component. Can you upload the component with the changed axes ? Or the whole file.

Hi Mike.

I don’t have any dynamic components yet. My problem is that, when I created the first model, the base (and top) component was created with the depth pulled up in the Z direction (drawn flat). When I created the front (and back) components, the depth was in the green or Y direction, and the height was pulled up in the Z direction. Similarly, the sides were created with the depth in the red or X direction, and the height pulled up in the Z direction.

When you generate the report, the board thickness is listed in each direction for the different components so it takes a bit of concentration to work out what thickness of board you need. If they were all in the Z direction (LenZ) then you can easily determine what board to get.

In my model, there are really only three components, so it’s not too hard to work out, but in a more complex model, with differing thicknesses, it may be a lot more difficult to correlate. I don’t want to have to draw each component flat and then rotate into position if I don’t have to, so am looking for a way to “change” the dimensions ‘on the fly’.

If I upload the file, where must I upload it to?


It sounds to me like you really need a cutlist. Is that correct? If so, install Steve R’s Cutlist from the Extension Warehouse. It will sort the dimensions of the components the way you want them.

Well, it is not that hard to grasp the smallest dimension and determine that that would be the thickness of the board, for this, you would have to import the data in another program ( spreadsheet, database ) to manipulate the raw data SketchUp is giving you.
You can upload the file here by dragging it in the reply area of this forum or use the 7th icon from left

You say that you don’t have dynamic components, but how did you generated that report?
That is Pro only feature, and when you have Pro , you have Dynamic Components…

Thanks, Dave, I’ll give it a try.

@MikeWayzovski : I’m still in the 30 day trial mode. The File | Generate Report … menu item is what I’m referring to. I modified the report to include the LenX, LenY and LenZ attributes.

@DaveR: That’s exactly what I’m looking for, thanks.

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