Is there a Triangular Scale (hand tool) for Woodworking (in. not ft.)?

I like the idea of using a scale to quickly digest drawings (let’s face it, we’re visual creatures). An Architect’s scale works in feet, not inches. Does anyone know of a triangle scale or something similar that measures in Inches? See pic

I’ve never seen one but that’s not to say they don’t exist.

You could make your own easily enough using SketchUp and LayOut.

Here’s a quick example.

It could be longer of course.

Export to PDF, print at full size on cover stock or glue it onto a thin piece of wood or plastic.

Not a bad idea, thanks!

You’re welcome. Unfortunately this method means you don’t get to buy another tool. :wink:

@DaveR, in extreme, does creating this tool force one to buy the Pro version?

Good point, @Wo3Dan! I guess it means a new tool for some. :smiley:

This one might do. It SAYS in the description that there is an inch scale, but the only photo doesn’t show it.

Or this one?

But on re-reading your post, maybe what you want is a scale that reads inches to scale, not feet.

Keep googling.

I suspect that those are all made essentially the same. Architects work in feet, that’s how it is. I’m going to have something similar made for my shop, and will gladly share with my SU community for those interested in helping me refine my design

I’ve made a number of scales for printing out to use on woodworking jigs.

For the text, you can perhaps use Layout, but if you want to draw the whole think in SU itself, I found the FlatText Free plugin very helpful. It creates editable 3D text.

I used components for each inch of graduation, divided into 16ths, quarter and half inch graduations, with lines of different lengths for different fractions.

Here’s a set of examples:

Scale 0 to 6 inches L-R and R-L.skp (252.5 KB)

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