Is there a time limit to edit a post?

I made a topic in the Basecamp Category back in January. I was both the originator of the topic and the first reply.

Today, events caused me to want to either delete, or severely alter that first reply. The problem? There is no option to edit!

Having no other clear path, I replied to my reply and — hopefully — people will see the reply.
And that, most recent, reply still has the “…” which, when pressed, reveals both the edit and the delete option.

Clicking on my avatar anywhere on that entire topic brings up the same user - the one and only one I’ve ever had - and the one under which I’m currently logged in, so I doubt the problem is related to multiple forum logins.

Any ideas?

Yes it seems the engine archives old posts, and doesn’t let us edit them anymore.
(Which is a real bummer for code postings that may have errors.)

I second the bummer!

I third the bummer!
We can’t fix link rot to Help Articles and other referenced resources when the ability to edit goes away.

Which is why I’ve begun creating wikis, (which should always remain editable,) and then try to point people to the wiki lists.

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After talking with @Geo and @sjdorst at 3D Basecamp, we’ve changed the setting to…forever. You can now edit posts that you’ve made in the past, indefinitely.



Yay!!! — and pad to 20+ characters :rage:

Apparently, the Close feature does NOT affect the ability to edit existing posts in any closed thread, whilst Archive freezes everything. Came upon this over at Discourse Meta:

Jeff Attwood (co-founder) in Discourse support: Best practices for archiving topics, says:

Close only prevents new replies.
Archive freezes a topic in carbonite so nothing about it can ever change. Ever.