Is there a plugin to automatically add more imagery to geolocation?

Hi, I do several times a week the process of geolocating an area, then spend an hour or so adding more imagery to the map - to cover a large area…
The closer I am zoomed in when I add location, the more details I get (until it switch to a different imagery) and the longer Im zoomed out, the more area I cover per square… So I tend to add 7x7 area of zoomed as far out as possible giving me a 6x6km area or so - and then I zoom in 3x more on the center square and do a 9x9 of that to cover the center square with a more detailed imagery as it is the center area of my model. This process should have been really easy to have automated - but I can’t find a way to define a larger area or a plugin to automate this process… Does anyone know of such a plugin? It would save me of several hours of work every single week :slight_smile:

I haven’t used it but have you looked at Placemaker II? Perhaps it can do what you want or eliminate the need to work in the smaller tiles.


When you say “details”, do you mean the resolution of the imagery or the 3-dimensional details of the terrain?

If details of terrain, I’m not aware of an extension that solves the problem you’re describing.

If the resolution of imagery, then as @DaveR mentioned, PlaceMaker ( might be a solution. You would still use SketchUp’s native geolocation functionality to add the bigger area of terrain and then use PlaceMaker to add higher resolution imagery onto the terrain.

Sounds like you would benefit a lot from PlaceMaker. This is how the PlaceMaker high res aerial import works.

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Hm, placemaker seem to be an interesting tool for Sketchup, though the trial mode does not allow for imagery import, so it’s hard to tell what quality imagery I’d get from that compared to bringing in high res imagery from google maps. (the free test-area is in Chicago US, and from experience small Norwegian villages and fjord areas are not as well covered)

The satellites that DG gets their data from don’t tend to get that far north although that seems to be improving somewhat.

Here up north (southern Finland) the images are taken from such a low angle that they are practically unusable.

Try Oob Terrain - Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse . If all you want is terrain and aerial imagery it’s perfect for that. Can do super large areas as good resolution by automatically tiling areas for you. It’s 9 dollars but I’d say worth it as just one large import could save you lots of time.

You can preview the PlaceMaker imagery quality here:

The imagery that you can see here is the exact same imagery that you would get if you purchase PlaceMaker

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Ouch, for the area I’m currently working on it seem it’s completely unusable.
I can’t even tell roads or houses apart from terrain in the smudge, and a row of data seem to be taken at winter time.
I’ve seen imagery from larger cities closer to the center of the planet - and they have excellent imagery - I guess it’s just not ready this far north yet. The Oob Terrain plugin gave me a quite good result actually. For 9 dollars that just might be the way I’m headed. I tried to see what scale it could deliver - and I stopped when reaching the point that Great Brittain, Denmark, Sweden and some more were all showing… :o
I’d like if the plugin would allow for even finer detail at larger areas, but for most practical uses it’s fairly good :slight_smile: