Is there a plug-in that enables an Axis for manipulating objects?

I am trying to create environmental scenes and I have to constantly move assets around, up and down planes, water planes, rocks, trees, etc.

Most 3D software have a system like this that accommodates the basic functions as moving, copying and rotation in 3 axes.

Rhino has what is called a Gumball:

Cinema 4D:



I am honestly having a really hard time managing my assets in 3d space without this system. I think that it is so widely used because it works… Just select an object and click and drag.

Right now with Sketchup I have to:

  1. select object
  2. press E for move tool
  3. pick a point to move from
  4. press up arrow key to lock to z axis
  5. pick point to move to.

But what is worse, most times this does not work because the move tool is snapping like crazy to everything I can see… so I try to input a precise value… but I have to repeat the previous steps for each value…

So suppose I want to move a stone asset -3 meters below ground plane:

I have to:

  1. select object
  2. press E for move tool
  3. pick a point to move from
  4. press up arrow key to lock to z axis
  5. enter 3m and press enter

But now I realize that it does not look good, so I want to rise up by 1m now.

Repeat the whole process…

I mean how do people even work like this??

Type 2m to override the 3m input and [enter] again.
(This only works until another tool has been selected.)

Then click for the start of the move anywhere away from other assets that might create inferences to snap from, and use @Wo3Dan’s suggestion of not clicking a second time until you are happy with the alignment.

The move doesn’t have to start on the object you are moving. You could even draw a vertical or angled line for the direction you want to move, then constrain the move on the line, from the start of it, and move for a (typed or ‘moused’) distance along it.

There’s also an Eneroth plugin 3D rotate which makes rotation about an arbitrary axis much easier. Click once on the pivot point, a second time on the start vector/direction to move from, then a third time on the end of the ‘arc’ to move to.

JS MoveTool

Not with a gimbal, just with arrow keys and modifiers (Alt, Ctrl).

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Is this what you are looking for?
(I haven’t tried it but it’s seems nice indeed for manipulating objects)

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Plugin link : SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation
You must be able to set a shortcut for faster use.