Is there a good Lightwave3d Exporter

Hi everyone,
I’m pulling ma mind out here, SketchUp’s DAE file exporter
is giving mighty errors on importing into Lightwave 2015.

Other apps mesh on Collada Files are coming in Okay,so why the broken
polygon mountain from SketchUp. Devs need to look at this please

Lightwave’s flexible renderering could paint SketchUp a treat.

You didn’t provide much to go on. What specific kinds of errors are you encountering? Can apps other than Lightwave3d deal with the dae files you create (i.e. can we isolate whether the issue is something SketchUp does in exported dae or something Lightwave3d can’t deal with)?

It would greatly facilitate getting a response if you can upload some images or better sample files that illustrate what you are getting.

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I do not understand the slang used (in the above quote.) :confused:

Could anyone please translate this into non-slang, please ? If it isn’t too much trouble. :wink:

I am just wishing to understand what point the OP is making. (I am not attacking the poster for using slang. I just do not understand what it means.)

[quote=“waver, post:1, topic:21853”]
Is there a good Lightwave3d Exporter ?[/quote]


It says LightWave has OBJ and FBX support.
SketchUp Pro has native OBJ and FBX export.

EDIT: I see the OP’s profile indicates an old SketchUp Make version running under Win XP.

There may be some 3rd party export extensions:

In addition checking the 3rd party plugins for LightWave, there are some for other file import/export types that SketchUp supports:

I see DXF listed.

What options are you using when exporting to Collada? Is the default “Triangulate all faces” option checked? That probably ensures the greatest compatibility across applications, but adds unnecessary triangulation to applications that support faces with more than three vertices. Also, you should probably uncheck the “Export Edges” and “Export two-sided Faces” options. The latter duplicates all geometry.


Thanks Anssi, I’ll try that.

But LW devs have created a SketchUp Exporter last year, see the youtube

vid, My Point is shame, that Sketchup can’t Export properly to Lightwave Still

Lightwave is a extra bonus for Rendering out SketchUp models for sure, this

next Rev (2016) will carry more renderer engine options.

hi Dan, I’ll see if I can help on this point…

My understanding of the quoted phrase in a more verbose fashion might be…

Applying Lightwave3d's render engines own materials to SU derived geometry could lead to visually pleasurable output.

@waver, is this a reasonable interpretation?



John, " And enrichment me think’s, yea verily"
(old school English circa 1680)

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@waver, Did we answer your export question, and did it solve your problem ?

If, not, there is a free OBJ exporter in the Extension Warehouse:
I do not know if it runs on Windows XP, you can try and let us know.

Thanks Dan, I used CAD Converter.OBJ --but the Texs did stick on the polygons