Is SketchUp an extension?

Can SketchUp be used as an extension, or is my app required to be the extension? :wink:

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Somewhere in the dawn of the forum you can find also how Firefox 3 could be “extended” with SketchUp 8. And 3D Warehouse had SketchUp embedded (on some computer), and years later it has become real.

History always repeats itself!

Yours definitely aces out mine, I hadn’t removed the URL bar.


Maybe even more so since mine uses a ‘real’ desktop version of SketchUp.

I used AMS extension to remove the toolbars and menu bars.

Mine also used the desktop version (remember, the emscripten-compiled webversion exists only since 2015), using a plugin called mozplugger (unfortunately such existed for Linux only).

But the difference is, is the cat in the box or the box in the cat.


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