Is it possible to view current Satellite image with SketchUp


I’m just wondering if this is possible or not in Sketchup Pro. I was told that its possible to view a current up to date, day by day satellite image of any location and measure objects on any building. And this feature of available for $4000 paid every 3 months. Is this true or just scam


Who told you this? Did you ask them for a source for the imagery?

This sounds somewhat like a fantasy to me. No satellite covers the entire earth every day, and it takes time to process the new imagery and fit it into a database. We normal people don’t know what spy agencies are capable of, but this seems a stretch even for them!

I was supposed to buy from that guy a solar cells system but I had a doubt that he lied about the sketchup issue so I’m not buying from him anymore. Even spy agencies don’t have that capability because they use drones for that