Is it possible to make just a bottom part bigger

I am getting lazy and do not want to have to re make a part . . Just want to make 3 sizes of a part. . The bottom 1/3 is what gets to be made bigger in diameter . . Don’t have a stl file now having problems of not signing in like it should do ! ! . . Got Installing instructions now and downloaded the file sketvh to stl . .

Well I am conflicted, I know you have been doing this longer than I have so I feel like my answer is too simple and I am misunderstanding your problem.

To answer the question I think you have is, “Sure, just cut and paste the part you want in three different sizes then use the resize button (Looks like a square around a square!) to make each copy the size you want”

Sorry I am work right now and I cant give you a screen shot!

If you make it a component before you copy it then if you make any changes to any of them it will happen to all of them.

I’m in agreement with @Robajohn. Copying the part and using the ‘Scale’ function is probably your best bet.


D’oh! “scale” button not “resize”!