Is it possible to drape components to help me add tree locations to an existing landscape?



I am looking to model a basic existing landscape showing terrain and indicative tree locations (2 kilometres square) in Sketchup to then export into Lumion - Lumion has a function that converts components to objects so I am trying to map the tree locations to the terrain and create one component for each tree. There are approximately 1,000 trees over the area I am looking at.

I have used the Geo-location tool to get a terrain map of the area I require, and I have downloaded Tree Data shape files which I have brought into AutoCAD MAP. The data shows a circle with a cross in it for every tree. I imported this into Sketchup and manually converted each individual cross to a component, but have just realised that the drape command is draping the circles onto the terrain (typically the circles are individual lines from CAD rather than as closed face circles!) but the components do not drape.

Does anyone know of an easier way of placing or draping 1,000 circles and crosses onto a terrain map then creating one component for each individual circle and cross?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!



Probably but please post a sample model containing what you starting situation is and what you would like to end up with.


Using DropGC plugin:

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+1 for DropGC. That’s how I do it.


DropGC seems to be the one, thanks a lot!

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