Is it possible to change the TEXT colors in Component Option Dialog-box?

Hi, Leandro here,

I’m developer in MDF furniture industry and sometimes we need so much options in Dynamic Components.

How you can see, im organizing all attributes by relevance, like height, widht, depth, in first position, because in alphabetic this makes a little mess in interface.

So, this was my way to make interface more clean and comprehensive, but I need some help to make more.

I would like that text and color text change values when some attribute is connected. For Ex:
When “door” is off, all the options to “door” change to “Grey” color, because is irrelevant and the users will understand visually that this information no makes difference to edit.

In the prints above has what I’m trying to say and do.

where “Cor” is “Color” and conditional attributes. I tried call the “Cor” in dialog box, in the Font color. And can be interesting too, change the name in dialog box…

Is this possible?

hope all understand.

thank you so much


No this is not a feature of the DC Component Options dialog.

Refer to the online user guide for what the implemented features are:

With regard to HTML tags, only the description and summary attributes support a subset of these. See:

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Thank you so much!

About this features, I hope see that in future versions.
I think that look easy put some options to change interface, like a slide bar, for exemple. This would be very usefull without to know advanced Ruby codes to create a plugin.

thank you agan for support

This is not likely to happen. Trimble is not adding any new features to Dynamic Components and has been reluctant to fix current bugs in this extension.

Instead they are creating a new kind of component called Live Components. So you should express your desires for these kinds of improvements in the Live Components Lab category.

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