IP Addresses SketchUp uses to communicate?

What IP addresses does sketchup access during use?

the single user license uses the common ports 80/8080/443 whith the network license using additionally 5053/50530 @ license1/2/3/4/5/6.sketchup.com

To save people from needing to do their own lookups:

port 80 = conventional http (www) server
port 8080 = alternate http (www) server
port 443 = https (secure http) server

port 5053 = license server
port 50530 = alternate license server

Yes, I also want to know the same thing … that what IP addresses does sketchup access during use. If anyone knows the answer, kindly reply to it. Thanks.

see above…

I’m not sure why the earlier replies just referred to the ports, and not the IP addresses. But I did have to look into this recently…

Many of the URLs that SketchUp accesses are held on CDNs. That means the IP addresses change, and cannot be predicted. Worse still, the very same IP address that SketchUp used one moment may be in use by a completely unrelated web site a few seconds later. If you were to whitelist SketchUp IP addresses in your firewall, you might let through some sites you don’t want to get through.

The general suggestion is to whitelist *.sketchup.com. If you’re not allowed to whitelist strings, one possibility is to try a proxy, that can act as a go between from URLs to IP addresses.

I haven’t tested that idea though, so I’m not sure if it would work, or what would be involved.

the license server at license1.sketchup.com … license6.sketchup.com uses static IPs: |

Other services may vary, pinging the respective URI does reveal the (maybe dynamic) IP address.

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Aside from license servers, SketchUp uses 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com, extensions.sketchup.com, and some others I may be forgetting. When I was doing my IP address testing I VPNed into different countries to find out what IP showed up. They were of course quite varied, but I also found that I was getting different IP addresses even with VPN turned off.

We do have to help customers with insanely secure networks. For the license case we can make an offline license, that doesn’t have to access any URL.

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@colin Do you have a list of addresses/domains required by the current version of Sketchup (2021)?

I have added those above and Sketchup is still saying it is offline.

I replied to your other post, see if that works.

Yep this works, thank you so much.

The link for anyone coming across this is Which hosts/IPs to allow through Proxy for license authorization/activation - #16 by colin

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Thanks for taking the time to post a link to the answer in the other places you had asked the question.

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