Introduction to community

Just a quick hi to the community, I work in retail on store formats globally using sketch up 2016 pro for store design and make at home, currently using SU podium render package but about to try Vray.

Look forward to asking questions as quite a new user with 1 year experience.


Hi @PaulBrackstone1!

You might want to put this information into the Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself topic as a reply.

In any case, Welcome!

Thanks, I’ll do that. :+1:

Sorry I am in your thread. Wanted to introduce myself but could not find the place to do so. If this is easy then I do not want hard. Where does one go to introduce one self?


There is a pinned topic (has a little tack icon next to it) at the very head of the forum’s list of topics. That’s where you introduce yourself. But in the meantime, welcome!