Introducing myself - Vijay kunchum

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I am a furniture designer. I used to design interiors, but designing and making furniture became more interesting over a period of time and I gravitated to designing furniture only. I find it more satisfying. I am a freelancer and work from home. Being an early riser(I start work at around 6 am) I find this arrangement more convenient.
Presently I have started working with the prisoners at the central prison in my city. We have set up a carpentry unit inside the prison. I have been training prisoner in carpentry for some time now. I am happy to say that these people have responded very nicely to the training and we are now able to take up commercial production.
I also work with bamboo. I am developing modular joinery system for bamboo. The idea is to set up a common facility center in the bamboo growing area for the tribals. They will produce the modular elements as per the architects design. These will be shipped to the clients place where they can be assembled easily. Since the entire pole will not be useful for the making of these structural elements, the remaining portion will be used by the tribals for making handcrafted products.

Question there . . Do you make the drawing of the Item first then make the the drawers that go into it like a dresser ? . . As I make things in Wood and my hand drawings are terrible . . LOL
WOW Bamboo stuff ! It must be a real hard item to make things with that . .

There are two ways of doing it. Make rough sketches and work out the maths - The gaps for the draw channel that you are going to fit. and the free space that is available for the draw. This system is o.k if one is good at maths. As for myself I prefer drawing the whole thing in sketchup understand how everything fits together and then do the CAD, 2d drawings. This helps me record everything properly and the CAD drawings become the basis of my working. Mistakes do happen, but then they are far in between.