My first SketchUp project was a success!

My need: I do bonsai trees as a hobby. In 20 years, I’ve amassed far too many bonsai pots. I needed an outdoor storage solution that would allow access to my pots plus a top deck that would give me room to grow my trees. I did a paper sketch and then repeated it in Adobe Illustrator. I knew a CAD program would do it, but I don’t know CAD.

SketchUp to the rescue! It took a bit of getting used to, but in a few hours I had the entire unit designed. Then I decided to explore the program a bit, added textures, made some bonsai pots, and by the next day, I had an assembly manual on how to build the pot-rack/bonsai-bench complete with all the measurements of all the components.

Here’s a three photo gallery showing the problem, the SketchUp, and the implementation:

Here’s the 16 scene gallery on how to build it:

I know I didn’t do this how an architect or furniture designer would lay it out. But I’d still like feedback on the work I did. I’ll be happy to answer any questions anyone has regarding my work.

Thanks to all the help I got by just searching for it and to the SketchUp team who built this product.


Blood brilliant, it is a joy to see someone getting the most out of the software and the forum.
Well done.

This is so great to see! Thanks so much for sharing.

Very nice work.

One caveat. Even exterior treated wood will rot quickly sitting on concrete. Consider heavy duty casters or jack feet to get the base off the ground.