Introducing Certified 3D Warehouse Content Developers!



We’ve launched a new program to improve the quality of 3D Warehouse product models, the Certified Content Developer program. This program is how skilled SketchUp modelers who work with product manufacturers can get certified by us, and how product manufacturers can find certified providers to create SketchUp representations of their products.

As part of this program, we’ve created a number of resources and tools to help Content Developers create great 3D Warehouse models.

Come help us improve the quality of 3D Warehouse product models!

Simplifying 3Dwarehouse models for use as entourage


Question: Will certified models be in their own warehouse or just indicated (and searchable) as such within the existing warehouse? As an amateur modeler I’d like to think that people will still be looking at my models (some of which I think are pretty good).


There is no need to worry, content created by Certified Content Developers will reside within the existing warehouse alongside all of the other great content created by our 3D Warehouse community members :grinning:.