Introducing a new kind of SketchUp object: Live Components

Great, worked for me… But I’d prefer Components in LAYOUT! much more productive


so you are going to launch the components, but not the construction of them?
We can use, but we can’t do? For years?


This is really exciting. They are working well for me!


Cool, could replace VizPro in the long run

Looks promising. Is this in some way an answer to Grasshopper, or not even close? Or more like improved Dynamic Component?

More like the latter.

Although it remains to be seen what the authoring interface will be like.
(A step towards “Grasshopper-ness” would be nice.)


We intend to launch authoring tools for Live Components sometime next year. Being able to author Live Components is just the beginning though. Those apps/tools will expand over the next several years to offer new ways of modeling in conjunction with SketchUp.


What if it was both?


That would be fantastic! :smiley:

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Hi, this looks like a fantastic tool but trying to open it in Safari (14.0) and the page does not load, I can see the sliders but no model. I’m running OSX 10.15.7.

I look forward to trying this when I can :relieved:

Awesome work guyses, great to see this in the wild.


This is parametric modelling so would appear to be a long awaited update of Dynamic Components.

DCs were never too hard to use once created but creating them could be a right pain. I usually found it faster to reinvent the wheel each time. We won’t see whether (what we will no doubt be calling) LCs have significantly improved things for creators until next year but it would be really disappointing of they haven’t. I can’t see developers spending lots of time on this if it is not a leap forward. Exciting!


I am hoping that the promised new tools will have an interface worthy of SketchUp. I have used some parametric object creation tools (the dynamic components in AutoCad, the Family Editor in Revit and the GDL editor in Archicad and the Dynamic Component system in SketchUp) and IMO they are all pretty awful, something between application programming, filling a tax return and drawing ASCII art. People praise Grasshopper, but even that looks more appealing to a mathematician than an architect.


Not interesting for me. It seems that it is a web service.
Authoring is not possible for the moment. It is based on technology bought by Trimble… not developed by Trimble.
It is based on node computational design. The best tool is Grasshopper, developed since 10 years. Blender will have this feature in next months.

BONUS : I have found a clue about why Layout 2020 is very slow… funny. Layout 2020 run faster on older computer…

I have the same issue, Safari Version 14.0 (14610. Can’t see the model and it won’t download.
Works fine and downloads on Chrome.

welcome back…




This may just be because it’s early and I’m not understanding, but can you expand on this a bit? What do you mean by “assemblies?” Based on these examples, I would assume that this means that you can create multiple different iterations of the same Live Component and combine them into a single item (an “assembly”)?

Is this something you do manually by grouping the individual iterations within SketchUp?

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Great work. I like where this is heading… Lots of potential here.


For me, if this could just replace having to model out windows and cabinets, that would be AMAZING! Not a big ask, right? :rofl: