Intel HD Graphics 5500

Hi Can anyone advise if there is any suitable rendering software or plugin for my PC, I have Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500
a lot of the general, Vray, Enscape, Lumion dont work for me

thank you

No rendering applications use integrated graphics to render so your rendering performance will depend entirely on your CPU. V-ray and many other renderers will work with only a CPU but it will of course take longer to render, depending on your CPU type and the number of available cores.

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According to the data, an Intel HD Graphics 5500 is a processor graphics card in the CPUs of the Broadwell generation.

As you have noticed yourself, Vray, Enscape, Lumion will never run with it.

The better real-time rendering programs have to work optimally and provide an experience, recommend the NVIDIA RTX series.
every program prescribes a minimum system requirement.