Instant Architecture

I’m considering purchasing Vali Architects Instant Architecture Plug-in, but would like to know if anyone has experience with this plug-in and can make a recommendation whether it is worth purchasing or not.
How does it interface with SU? Is it large and cumbersome and does it degrade the performance of SU?
Does it work fairly well or are there too many compromises to settle for to make it worthwhile to use?

Worth every penny. I use it every day.

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Thanks for letting me know that!

They are very impressive… I use instant roads… there is nothing else on the market that is as capable… only downside is the annual subscription which is annoying as it is such an occasional use… maybe 1-2 projects a year… saves a huge amount of time

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I think that it is a great suite of tools, always works really well and as mentioned saves a huge amount of time and is not an huge drain on resources. The only downside (and it is not much of a downside…) is that you have to be connected to the internet for it to work. By my reckoning if you save 1 hr a year then it is worth it, I would definitely purchase from my point of view


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Any issues with installation or performance of SU once it is installed?

I just now noticed you answered the resources question.