Installing SketchUp Make without activating trial version?

I’m currently trying to install Sketchup Make on a few PCs in the school that I work, but there seems to be no download link to download Sketchup Make without activating the 30 day free trial. Am I missing something or do I have no other option?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


James, i believe that’s normal. After 30 day trial, SketchUp Make contunies to run. Check this page for more info about installations.

You might also explore getting an educational licence, which gives you Pro functionality at low cost.

Look at
How to Skip Pro trial mode in SketchUp Make

It explains how to sidestep the trial: you could write a simple batch file to run the main installer [as admin] then immediately tweak the file in ProgramData to skip the trial… If you are manually installing [run as admin] and then edit the ProgramData file… run SketchUp once and accept the trial has ended - thereafter you should have a Make only version - no trial…

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Help Center articles for batch mode setup:

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