"Inspect the component"

I see this advice repeatedly re: Validity Check issues. I also see the advice to open 3d Warehouse designs in a blank file first. (This, I can manage) But once there, how exactly to inspect?

There are various extensions that can ‘clean’ a model.
Fixit 101
to name but 3.
Each has it’s pros and cons.
But mainly it is about looking at the component and seeing if it is ok.
Are layers/tags used correctly
are faces orientated correctly
are there useless extra faces or edges
are there holes
is it the correct scale
etc etc

Throw solid inspector in and you have a good way of finding errors that need addressing. A lot of it is experience and just knowing what to look for, there is no one single magic bullet.


Great reply, thank you! Unfortunately, I’m exactly the kind of idiot who would create some of those problems HIMSELF, never mind finding them in others’ work.

But I’m learning. And those extensions are a great tip, much appreciated.

Simply being aware of what can cause issues is a big start to understanding, manually fixing things can be a useful learning experience. Finding that one tiny flap that is is stopping something being a solid can help you appreciate what you need to keep on top of as you model. As I said, nothing truly beats experience, many of us can look at a screengrab of a model and already know where to look for the problem.