Inserting and editing a Title block from a dwg file

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I have an existing title block created in Autocad which I want to transfer across in an editable (i.e not an image) way into LO and then save as a template. In short so that I can have the same suite of templates across the various design software I use. Similarly want to transfer across the various cad blocks I use on a regular basis into scarpbook.

Any suggestions?

The vector data can be brought into SketchUp and from there to Layout. The text / fills / etc. needs to be recreated in Layout.

At least, that is my experience.

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I have tried that but how do you avoid it going into Layout without a it being as a viewport and treated as a linked model to Sketchup?


You could render it as Vector and then explode it. Keep in mind the text won’t be text in LO. You might find it better to recreate the title block in LayOut using its own drawing and text tools. That way the text will be editable.

Hi Dave,

Could you elaborate a bit more please. Render in SK?


Render the viewport as Vector in LayOut. Select the viewport and go to the SketchUp Model inspector window. and change the render mode from Raster to Vector.

Hi Dave,

As you typed I figured what you were saying.

Thank you very much

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In sketchup pro 2018 you can import DWG directly to layout

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