Importing CAD title block to Layout

I have my title blocks in ACAD, what would be the most practical way to import them into Layout? I will place them in My templates folder.
I have ACAD 2019 LT, Window 10 and I just subscribed to SketchUp-Pro 2020.

Thank you.

Personally I would remake the title block in LayOut instead of trying to import the CAD file but if you must, export the title block as a DXF or DWG file and import it into LO. You may still need to edit or even replace the text but you should at least get the lines.

LayOut’s auto text options are well-suited to title block use and I would leverage that.

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Thank you Dave.
I tried copying my CAD title block and pasting it on a sheet into LO. It worked, but I had to change the text with LO text and redo the lines as they didn’t show the same as originally in CAD.
It took some extra work (not a big deal) but In general, I am very satisfied the way my title block looks in LO.
You are right, remaking the title block in LO would’ve been as easy as copying and pasting it.

What is the difference importing CAD into Lo as DXF?

Try it and see.

FWIW, I did not suggest copying and pasting into LO. That is not a good work flow because it creates a temporary file as the reference and that temporary file will be deleted by the OS at some point.

I did it before I read your message. I just got SketchUp-Pro, and I like LO so I was trying and see how it work.

In general it is not a good idea to copy from one application and paste into LayOut.

How about updating your profile to show the version of SketchUp and license operating system and graphics card? That information helps us help you. And there’s no way that your graphics card is “Architecture” as you have entered.

Got it.
Actually, I see in LO, File tab: “Insert” but not “Import”.

Yes. Using File>Insert imports the reference into LayOut.

Thank you Dave your help is always appreciated.
I just updated my profile.

When you paste into LayOut, the content is NOT in the LayOut file? There’s a temp file somewhere? When you insert, it is saved with LayOut file?

When you paste into LayOut the reference is to a temporary file which you can be sure will disappear at some point. I you insert into LayOut you need to reference an non-volatile file location. Unless you delete that reference file it will be available as a reference in the future.

Oh I see the difference is in the type of file. I’ve never lost anything that I’ve pasted into various sorts of files, but I never experimented with that in LayOut. But you can embed it.
I’ve done that with PDF for a quick border that is already set, but in general it is better to have it all in LayOut so you can change anything you want.

You can embed it by unlinking it in Entity Info. we’ve seen numerous caes where people have not done that and then the reference is deleted and it creates problems later. If you must copy and paste, the very next step should be to unlink the reference. And of course one should never copy and paste from SketchUp to LayOut. That creates other problems besides the disappearing reference. Then there are those who like to live on the edge. :wink:

Got to make it interesting! :sunglasses:

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I tried inserting a CAD file into LO instead of copying and pasting it.
As DWG, no text come along.
As DXF, everything shows up, but I have to explode it to be able to work on it. Am I on the right track?

By the way there are some red arrows when clicking on the title block to edit it. What is it? See attached picture.Red Arrows

This is normal and yes, you were on the right track.

Not sure, but I think the arrows indicate the text block could be expanded. It may not reveal more text, just that the box is a little smaller than the bounds of the text. From experience working with CAD translations, sometimes the text will create a return, as if the space allotted to the text in translation Isn’t quite big enough for the font size. Interesting that DXF gave you text and DWG did not.

You added the screen shot after my previous reply. Peter is correct. The arrows indicate that the text box isn’t as big as the text. Could be there is just a return, could be bit of padding. Pulling the edge of the text box down will take care of it.

Yes, Dave probably when you were answering I was editing my message, but thank you for your help.

Yes indeed, importing DXS brought all the information from my CAD title block, I just had to thicken some lines. When I tried inserting DWG only came out just lines with no text. So from now on, it will be DXS :smirk:

Why not try creating the title block in LayOut using LayOut’s tools. And from your screen shot I see some text entities that are perfect for Auto Text. Could save yourself a lot of monkeying around. Or maybe you don’t want to save yourself from doing that.