Inserted model looks weird after scaling


Got a problem and don’t find any help anywhere how to fix.

After inserting model and set the scale to 1mm:100mm the lines gets longer than it would be and the text are messed up.

With scale 1:10 are they just fine.

Check the screenshot to see


Those are extensions lines which are set in the style in SketchUp. Evidently you used 3D Text to label the rooms and other parts. You can update the style for the scene in SketchUp to either have shorter extensions or turn them off altogether.

Note that since you have modified the view in LayOut, the change to the style won’t be displayed until you reset it back to the original view (Last saved SketchUp View). You really should be creating scenes in SketchUp to use for viewports in your LayOut project and you should not be opening the viewport to zoom or otherwise change the view. This creates the modified scene and disconnects the viewport from the scene in SketchUp.

Thank you so much for the answer!

Works perfect :slight_smile: