Insert multi-page PDF into layout 2017 for MAC

I am unable to locate any instructions/tutorials as to how to insert a multi-page document (Energy Report, CALGreen Mandatory Measures, etc) into layout 2017 for MAC. When inserted, I can only see the first page, none of the additional pages in the multi-page pdf are visible. Anyone know how or where the find the answer, instruction, or tutorial. The “Help” function in Layout is very limited and have not had any luck with Google searches.

I have the same question! Anyone!?

omg, 2 years later and I still have the same question!

I would do it the other way round: Export the LayOut document to PDF and then combine the needed files in a PDF editor like Acrobat or PDF Xchange Editor. This has the added plus that the files retain their original format with no vector to raster conversion.