Hey Guys,
Is there any way of editing the inferences when drawing?
I find there are too many options appearing on my screen when trying to dimension a simple object, and I often miss dimension an object…I just need End, Centres and Tangents…not ‘end of groups’ etc…


No, you cannot turn off or modify the Inference Engine
It’s always active and there to help you model accurately.

Much of SketchUp’s inference and tool behavior is view based.
Thus, it helps to have a clear view of what you’re working with.

• Zoom in close.
• Orbit to gain an unobstructed view that’s also clear of clutter in the background.
• Work in Monochrome Face Style
• Turn off Endpoints, Profiles and all other unnecessary Edge rendering effects.

Thanks George,

I have to disagree with you that it helps modelling…your list of guides points were all uncessary before…I could easily dimension from a distance, but now have to zoom everytime I want to be sure I have caught the right point on simple objects and groups.

Not helping my carpal tunnel problem either having to do extra zooming…

Not impressed.

@stclairalan. And work with (groups and components that have) layers that you can turn off.

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Get a mouse that allows you to unlock the scroll wheel gears like (Logitech M705). I can zoom out to oblivion with one swipe.