Inferences & Snaps

The new Snap tool is seriously good! But my mind wonders why this tool would be integrated without the ability to toggle between snap to SNAP or snap to INFERENCE. If a shortcut allowed for switching between SNAPS and INFERENCES, a group / component could be selected by SNAP or INFERENCE and attached by SNAP or INFERENCE!

Say for example, I have a SNAP embedded within a NON SCALABLE group of a scalable component (eg: scalable by width), I need to fight against normally referenced inferences to find the SNAP reference! A selection / positioned by a simple SNAP only shortcut would seriously help!

Have you tried tapping the modifier key to toggle the tractor beam? With that a snap you are moving will only align to the snap at the other end of the tractor beam, even if that is a snap buried by other objects.

We are continuing to make improvements. I passed on your details to the product manager, in the hope that he would like more feedback from you.

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Hey Colin, it’s not so much moving / copying a selected object to a snap, its more so selecting the object from its snap handle. And again, not so much if the snap is located in the upper most level of a component, but when the snap is located within a group of the component!

In my example (see below), the snaps needed to be applied to a “non-scalable” group within the length scalable component, so the snaps are maintained a set distance from the edge = to half of the bottom plate thickness. When trying to select the object from it’s snap handle, the snap is not readily displayed (assumed due to sub embedding), you only know when it’s selected due to the tooltip / screentip text!

Most interesting, is that applying a snap to the bottom midpoint of the actual component edge (opened for editing), when the component is scaled down, this snap causes the component’s bounding box to return to a size greater than the scaled down model! That behaviour seems strange!

BTW! Snaps in general are like taking a machine gun to a rock fight! They are SO handy, and will seriously expedite our workflow!