Improve resolution of STL

Hello all,

I am wondering what is the best solution.

I need to improve the resolution on a few STL files before I get them professionally 3D printed. For example, I need a perfectly smooth dome not a pixelated style dome (see image)

Is there any way of improving the resolution without having to redraw everything?

If not, what is the best way to go about this?

Many thanks in advance :smiley:

Of course, since SketchUp models faceted surfaces not true curves, you will never get perfectly smooth. Maybe the SubD extension would work (especially since the surface in your image is composed of quads)?

Yes, I was going to suggest SubD too, but gave it a try first. I made a course hemisphere and tried the tool, and it did look a lot better.

$40, but you can try it for 30 days:

If it is a hemisphere, you could redraw it using the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plugin from the SketchUcation Plugin Store. Then change the number of sides as often as you wish

Great thanks Colin & Slbaumgartner, does this method require redrawing?


No, the extension adds geometry to your model for you, you just decide how much to add.

So I installed subD, have been able to smooth a sphere and a cube down, however when it comes to objects I have already drawn up I keep getting the attached error message. I have tried scaling the models up by 100 sadly to no avail :frowning:

Any ideas as to where I am going wrong?



Liz, the issue there is that you are subdividing what shouldn’t be subdivided. For your dome, it makes sense to subdivide the surface but not for these shapes.

In the case of these, I think you’d find it easier to redraw them than trying to revise the existing ones. Especially since none of those shapes are at all difficult to draw in the first place.

Are the models you have presently solid?
The reason for this question is: The STL is a 3 d data format and is not a 3d graphics format
but, a 3d data format. If you take present solid model and do the processing you want it may not be a solid model when you get done and as such you may have more re-drawing to do than staring from scratch . Maybe someone can answer that but not me.
I would suggest you post your model here and maybe avoid some down stream issues.
Also you maybe better interpolating at the Su or some with some other 3d grahic format than SU but with the make version of SU you are some what limited in export options.

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