Importing XML data into SketchUp

Hello there,

I’m using SketchUp 2020 pro and I would like to import XML data so I can easily use it for SiteVision.
Currently I have to import the data through Qgis, but I think this is quite complex.
Maybe there’s a way to do so in SketchUp.

I’m not familiar with programming and making my own toolbars, I’m more of a designer and user.

Many thanks!

What kind of data ? What would it become in the SketchUp model ?

I can’t say for certain about the XML you’re using, but see this forum post, it may be helpful. Or not…

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A point that the previous posters alluded to without saying explicitly is that, unlike skp or dwg or xlsx, XML is a markup language that can contain almost any sort of data arranged in almost any way. Without knowing the specific “schema” used by the files of interest, it is impossible to say whether XML can be imported into SketchUp.

Collada is XML, so it ought to be possible.

Yes, but XML is not Collada! The OP didn’t say what the XML contains.

are you using Qgis to merge layers?
Spirix can import shape files

It’s called KLIC (a dutch product) which contains information about pipes and cables in the ground. So you know where they are situated

I would like to make it visible, with a height component

I use Qgis, but I want to make it easier to convert the data

So the current workflow is:

  • Download .gdb files from ESRI
  • select and merge layers in QGIS
  • import the joined .shp file in SketchUp
    What part needs to be automated? I know @kengey has a way of importing that kind of information.

also check this video:

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I’ve seen the post before. Now I’ve downloaded the Spirix Import file and that works!
Now to add some Height component to it

I know the video, we run it in our office in the Netherlands as a demo :wink:
The work around from XML to SHP… so you don’t have to convert the data in QGIS

That’s why you need to merge different layers in QGIS, all data is sorted on accuracy and type.
Bypassing QGIS would be convenient, though.