Importing solidworks 2019 documents



This might be a dumb question because we don’t use sketchup. We use solidworks and one of our client is using sketchup. We used the be able to send them solidworks files (version 2016) and they would be able to open them. We’ve recently upgraded to solidworks 2019 and now they can’t open our files.

I did some googling and the first thing I found was SimLab SolidWorks Importer for SketchUp but that plugin seems to be discontinued as it can only open solidworks 2016 or earlier documents.

Is there a way for our client to open our solidworks files?



My first thought would be to save the SolidWorks file as an older version.



You could try several intermediary formats. According to the documentation Solidworks can export DXF/DWG, IFC and STL.