Importing revit files into SketchUp

Until March 31st of this year, I was able to import revit files into sketchup pro. I left for a vacation (how dare me!) and now it seems the extension for revit has disappeared from the options when importing. What’s going on?

SketchUp can’t just delete extensions while you’re on vacation.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2022. Is that true? Is it possible you were using a trial of SketchUp 2023 Studio which would incllude the Revit importer? If so maybe the 30-day trial expired while you were enjoying the sun.

Thanks Dave,

The person who does Revit for me did send me a dwg file and it does work.

When did you install sketchup 2022? Probably when you installed it you had checked the Revit importer option which is a sketchup studio feature, if you got the pro version it could work for 30 days as a trial sketchup studio version but after that time this feature wasn’t available any more unless you upgrade your sketchup license. Dwg and ifc are files that sketchup can import. There’s a free plugin called ifc manager that helps you to import ifc files among other features.