Importing png images into a floor plan

I am working on a 2d floor plan in Sketchup Make. I am trying to import png symbols for various kitchen appliances that should go onto a counter, but when I am trying to move the image over the counter area, it disappears and only shows a blue box. I do have groups and layers for this project.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. If you want something to appear in front of something else, put it in front.

There were instances when I wanted to combine 2d images in SketchUp. I forget why, maybe for the
“add location” function and I had CAD images etc that I wanted to position over the terrain image. I used one or more transparent faces (grouped) to place 2d images on for arranging and adding drawing. The transparent face was above --in the Z direction-- whatever I had for background.

I really like the idea of doing the transparent face and moving it above in the Z direction. I will try that today. What I did last night was move each individual object above in the Z direction, but using a transparent face will be far less time consuming. Thanks!

Group it and lock it so it doesn’t interfere or get moved.