Importing PDF (individual pages)

I have a two-page PDF. The import defaults to the second page. How can I select and import the first page?

If you have the possibility to edit the pdf file, delete page 2 or export only page 1 or print to pdf specifying only page 2.

Any of these options shall create a one page pdf with page 1.

Then import it into SU.

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Thanks, that works well! The only downside is having to purchase Adobe acrobat.

Hi again
I can import the survey, but it is blackened (attachment)

Forum search - SketchUp 2019 Mac OS Catalina PDF black background - #42 by DanRathbun

A lot of people just work with Apple’s Preview App. You can also open a pdf with Preview and output a png instead, as long as you’re just working with raster anyway.

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I usually have surveyor’s send me a dwg file from their drawing. That’s vectored graphics, while pdf in SU is just raster. (It’s been a much requested feature to import pdf vectored graphics into SU.) The last dwg file I had from a surveyor already had the contours elevated to the right height, so all I had to do was select them and skin them with Sandbox Tools.

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There are other options, less expensive, one from Foxit and one from Affinity.

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You can try doing a screen capture. That will produce a png file that SU can import without any problem.

If you have the PDF to show us, and if it is using vectors, I can convert it to DWG for you.

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Thank you. I can export the PDF to PNG on my 2012 MacBook Pro, and import to SketchUp 2019. It looks great. But, I am doing most work on a 2019 MacBook Pro and when I try the same process on the 2019 computer, the resolution is not good.
Is there a way to improve the resolution on the 2019 Mac?

MCKAY_12002_T_REV_04-19-12 2.pdf (1.7 MB)

Is the resolution of this one acceptable?
McKay Residence.skp (8.4 MB)

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DRN PLAN-2012-11-22.pdf (1.4 MB)
Hello again, Dave
Could you please convert this PDF to DWG? Would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

I’ll try when I get home.

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I’m still baffled with why? Why not just ask the engineer who drew it for a dwg file?

The engineer has not responded to my request. I’m still baffled why I can’t import a png or screen shot into my SKP file and get decent resolution.

Unfortunately Inkscape won’t convert that file to .dxf (and wouldn’t have made a .dwg in any case) so I’m afraid you’ll have to work with it as it is or try again to get the engineer to send you the correct file.

There’s a maximum resolution for imported raster images. With the size of the PDF you would need a much larger image

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PDF >> Inkscape >> ODA Drawings Explorer >> DWG
DRN PLAN-2012-11-22.dwg (9.7 MB)

It seems the PDF knows that the terrain is on a separate layer and is maintained in the DWG file, but the info is lost when the DWG is imported into Sketchup.

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I got it as well, but at about twice the file size, and no layers.
PDF >> PowerCADD >> DWG