Importing new textures into a new folder

Can I get some help with importing and sorting new textures for use in multiple projects?
Not too sure how to permanently import them or if it is even possible to do that.

You’ll find the location of resource files new since SU8. Back then (wrongly) resources (materials, plugins, textures, components, etc.) were all subfolders of the Program Files SketchUp folder.

Since then they’ve been moved to the User %AppData% path for the version of SketchUp you have installed.

In SketchUp, Window > Preferences > Files you’ll see the paths to these folders.
To open the path, click on one of the folder buttons… image

If you’re starting from textures, you’ll need to create materials (SKM files) inside SketchUp and save them out as material files to a subfolder (name is your choice) of the user “Materials” folder. If you put them in subfolders of this “Materials” path, they’ll automatically be available to the SketchUp Materials manager panel.
Putting your texture images in the path that is set in the Files panel of the Preferences dialog will make them easier to find when creating materials. (You can set a custom path if you wish and the load texture dialog will use it.)

The SketchUp Online User manual has been totally overhauled since you likely last saw it …

Thank you very much for your response. I will go back and try your instructions.
Much appreciated!

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You might find it helpful to create desktop shortcuts or quick access links to your SketchUp AppData folder(s).

I’ve only created a separate desktop folder ‘Textures’ but want to get them sorted properly for multiple uses.

And have you set SketchUp’s texture path to that folder via Window > Preferences > Files ?

I don’t know what “sorted properly for multiple uses” means to you.

Dan, sorry you may have to hold both my hands on this topic.

My process starts this way: Download a texture file from and the ZIP file goes into the Download file.

  • Then I move it to my Desktop where I sort my unopened file by date etc.
    I have not unzipped the file yet.
    This what I mean by ‘sorted properly’. they now are in my desktop folder ready to be put in to SU.
    This is the part that confuses me on how to now get them into SU Default tray_Materials.

(The ‘Extension’ downloads work fine and am able to work with installing them through the ‘Extension Manager’).

Where my eyes glaze over, so to speak, is getting those texture files from my downloaded ‘Texture’ file on the desktop.

My thinking process here may be wrong but it seems logical that these downloaded zip files can somehow be directly put into SU. This is where I get confused. I also wonder if unzipping the file is the proper way to go as there is usually many files in there and I don’t know which one to pick out and use.

Do you know how to unzip the files? You need to so SU can recognize them. This is one of a few steps needed.

Yes, unzipping the folder when downloaded is fine and I know how to do that.

If you want to save the textures from the file you posted to use in later files. Open the skp file and in Materials, select In Model. Then go to the Details menu (arrow pointing to the right of the drop down list) and choose Save collection as…


If instead you want to save the tree components, go to In Model in the Components window, open the Details menu on the right and choose Save as a local collection.

This seems more useful to me.

If you have unzipped them, there should be a folder on your desktop with the same name (except for the .zip extension)

That folder contains the various .skm files (or SketchUp textures)

If you put that folder in another (ie. My_Materials->SketchUcation->Tree_pack) you would need to add the collection to be seen in SketchUp. Rightclick on the little blue detail button and choose ‘Open or create a collection’

If you navigate to the My_Materials folder on your desktop, you would see the folders in the Materials panel (SketchUcation, Bought somewhereElse, etc.)
If you navigate to the SketchUcation folder, you would see the folders in that folder (Tree_pack, Skin_tone Pack, etc.)
If you choose the Tree_pack folder, you would see the textures themselves (at last)

It is not wise to have them on your desktop, though. You might consider a Folder ‘SketchUp Resources’ on your Server, containing a folder with Materials which contains the various bought collections.

Each user of SketchUp would need to add that folder as a collection in the Materials Panel via the blue detail button.
Then rightclick again to add that folder to their favorites…
This way, everybody has access to the same library.

Note: You can share components and styles as well in the main resources folder. Since they are not large, in general, you won’t have trouble getting them in your current model. Unlike sharing Models on a server, which might cause troubles due to their size and autosave behavior…

Thanks for the replies I am reading them as they are posted. I will get back to you when done these steps.

Thanks for the help, Everything is going in as per your instructions.
FYI These drawing below were done by myself in SU8 with an outside rendering program which is now part of another CAD program.

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