Importing DWG or DXF with geodata WGS 84

Is it possible to import an map of property in DWG och DXF format containing geodata with WGS84 coordinates (longitude, latitude, heigt) into Sketcup and then being able to read/see/locate the geodata information in Sketcup? I manage to import the files but I do not manage to see the geodata WGS84 coordinates. If that information does not follow the import into Sketchup, is it then possible to specify a certain reference point in the model to a specific WGS84 coordinate?

Would you share the files you are importing?

Yes, the coordinate system is the official of Sweden, but it is compatible/translatable to WGS84. The file is an official file for som plots, including som irrelevant information.
CAD-fil_2.dxf (1.2 MB)

Checking the “preserve drawing origin” box when importing a DXF file is not a viable option for a site that is located almost 7000 kilometers from the origin. And SketchUp has no “Survey point” function that would let you automatically align your exports to a map coordinate system.
If you know the WGS84 coordinates of a known point on your map, you can use the geolocation feature in SketchUp to locate your model to that point, and if you import the map you can then move the imported geometry so that your alignment point matches the SU model origin.

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I tried to read into the dxf to find wsg84. It seems that the info should be there but I can’t find it. As Anssi suggested, maybe you can enter the site location (coordinates or address) if you have them.

Yes, I thought about using the Geodata. The problem is that it is difficult to obtain an accuracy of a few cm from the pictures…

Is it:


N = 6622400
E = 205100

I think should be (but see it is incorrect):

Latitude = 59°19’54"N
Longitude = 18°3’22"E

If I could read this or get the correct coordinates…


Do you have SWEREF of Control Points?

If I import the file in a “normal” CAD program I can read the coordinates. They are given in SWEREF 99 18 00 format. You mentioned some of the coordinates correctly above.

Using the Trimble Connect Cad Viewer I can see the red SWEREF grid. Is there some sort of ‘sub’ coordinate? Do you see more than about 4 SWEREF numbers? Does the serv… mean something?

I can also see the control points. But I can’t figure out if there is any data associated with them.

There is a coordinate finder that shows coordinates as I scroll around… but I’m not sure what those are.

I also attempted to add SWEREF… but there is no …19 version available.

In the .dxf there are some (one set) of coordinates:


It seems you’d be much (much) better off using the address. I at least can’t find where this is using SWEREF. It seems it is near a presumed ditch somewhere in Sweden :frowning: Frustrating