Importing contours from CAD to Sketchup Pro

I got a survey done for a sloped vacant lot. The surveyor give the survey as a CAD file that I want to import into Sketchup Pro. But, when I import the file, I do not get contours, instead I get a random set of rectangles and lines, not the contours I was hoping for.

Any advice?


More info likely required.

What kind of ACAD entity are the contour lines ?

What kind of SketchUp entity are these random rectangles ?

Can you post the CAD file? Can you post the SKP after import ?
(If you cannot post them publicly, can you give a DWG import guru here specific access via Dropbox, etc. ?)

Note that the geometry you feed to the Sandbox from Contours tool can be almost any kind (of lines or curves), not necessarily neat contour lines, provided it lies at the correct elevation. For instance, I used to get surveys as 2D AutoCad DWG files where the surveyed points were denoted as text with the location setting the XY coordinates of the point measured and the elevation written in. SketchUp cannot import text so I wrote an AutoLisp routine that drew a 3D vertical line in AutoCad in the place of all the text elements, with the height determined by the text contents, and imported that into SU to use the Sandbox tool on.


CAD Survey.dwg (577.5 KB) Imported CAD Survey.skp (436.4 KB)

Hello Dan,

Thanks for the response. I do not have answers to either of the questions, but I have uploaded both files for what it is worth (hopefully something)


Hello Anssi,

Thanks for the response. Your experience sounds like what might be the cause of my issue. However, I am clueless to what a AutoLisp routine is, much less on how to write one. Any further clarification, advice, examples, etc… would be welcomed.


The problem in your survey file is that it is created with an AutoCad add-on that your surveyor uses, and the “boxes” that we see are proxies representing special objects that can only be seen when you have that add-on loaded. You should ask your surveyor to provide you with a file that has been “Exported to AutoCad” (usually these add-ons have a function that will create standard AutoCad geometry out of these special objects).



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