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I am trying to download a generated model from an alternating stair tread manufacturers’ site. It generates nice models in their previewer but I don’t recognize any of the file types.
Can Sketchup 2020 import any of the file types listed in this screen shot? (I tried the first one but Sketchup did not recognize it.

SU Pro can import .stl files, but they are fully triangulated. You will need either to clean them up manually, use one or more extensions like CleanUp3, or make the import into a component and redraw the model in SU.

Thanks for the help!

Sketchup 2020 would neither open nor import the .stl file.

SketchUp will only open SketchUp files. Others must me imported. What happened when you tried to import it the .stl file? Maybe you could share that file with us so we can see what happens when we try to import it.

I received an error message when I tried to import it. (It defaulted to Sketchup 2108)
Here is the file:

This is a pretty large file. It may not be worth loading into my model?

What do you mean it defaulted to 2018? Are you not using SketchUp 2020 as your profile shows?

I get an Import Failed message when I try to import it.

2020 is my default. When I double clicked their model file it went to 2018 for some reason.
I’ve sent a message to the manufacturer to see if their model generator can produce a file that Sketchup will support.

Double clicking on a .stl file shouldn’t even call SketchUp. It has to be imported via File>Import.

Hopefully the manufacturer can help you out. It seems kind of odd that those are the only file types their exporter can generate.

Is there something special about this that would make it difficult to model the stairs without their file?

It would have saved me some time and helped me to meet a deadline, but it should be fairly simple to model. I’ll do that.
Thanks for checking this out for me though!

I converted it. It has a few holes you may want to fix, personally I would redraw the angled parts of the treads.

Stair.skp (6.0 MB)

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It turned out beautiful! I hope you didn’t have to redraw that. It looks just like it is supposed to.
Thank you very much. This is going to look great in my model!

No I didn’t redraw it, just opened it in my printer software then exported it as a different .stl format and imported that into sketchup.

That’s amazing. The file size is nice and manageable too!

It’s a bit big really. You could reduce it significantly by making it from components.
But if it works for you as is then it is fine. Due to the few holes it’s sort of not one thing or the other, it isn’t made up of distinct parts nor is it a single solid. But as a stair in a model it is fine.

I see what you are saying. Except for the group is was contained in, there are no other groups or components. Everything is made up of raw elements.

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