Import AC contour lines


Would anyone have a faster method to ‘weld’ these contour line edges brought in from AutoCad?

I have the weld plug in, but select all and then ‘weld’ doesn’t seem to work.

Also tried edge tools from Thom Thom.

Trying to reduce selecting each line edge work time to create terrain.

File attached. Thank you!

W. Cal contours.skp (248.6 KB)

I haven’t opened your file yet but my go to would be Eneroth Auto Weld.

Edit: Opened your file, selected all, ran Auto Weld, done.

why weld them?


Thanks Dave. Downloaded and worked ‘right out of the box’

For a test I downloaded Simplify Contours. That worked too.

Welding doesn’t create potentially unwanted faces. :wink:

You’re welcome. I find Auto Weld to be one of my most used extensions for a number of reasons.


Thanks tried that, but push-pull face doesn’t work for me with this method - unless I’m doing something wrong.

I want to weld in order to move each contour up 1foot, then create terrain.

Push/Pull won’t work on the surface because it’s made of small triangular faces whose edges are softened/smoothed.

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