How to make a terrain relief from lifted contours which consist of multiple small lines

I am wondering how I can make a slope from the lifted faces (based on isohypses map)? The height difference is 5 meters.

Perhaps @Fredo6’s Curviloft extension ?

… or one of the terrain extensions ?

You could also use From Contours in the native Sandbox tools. I’d first soften all the vertical edges and then run Eneroth Auto Weld to make it easy to eliminate the unneeded edges and faces.

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I tried ‘From Contours’ before but it didn’t work out. I have not tried to soften the vertical edges first, that could work maybe. Do you know a quick way to select all vertical edges so I can soften them at once? Selecting them individually is not an option because there are too many.

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Triple click on the geometry. Right click on it and choose Soften/Smooth.

It does not work… I think I need a plugin like meshwrapper, but this one is not available for SU2019

What doesn’t work?

How about sharing the model?

The steps you mentioned. I would like to share the model with you. How can I send it to you on the forum?

If it’s 3 Mb or less, you can drag and drop the file into your forum post. If it’s larger, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

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Got it. What we didn’t know before is that it’s made up of all sorts of grouped geometry that needs to be exploded first. If you were to explode all of it down to loose geometry, you would then be able to follow my steps and get the terrain as you want.

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Ok, thanks! I will try it again!

The problem here is that when you extrude the contour ‘faces’ up, you get essentially two contour lines. One at the front of the face where you want it and one at the back, essentially just underneath the next contour up:

So when you run From Contours, it sometimes can match the Contour 2 to an one of Contour 1-back’s edges, which you don’t want. You can delete this back edge (Contour 1-back) for all or just copy the front contours by themselves off to the side and run From Contours again.

For comparison:

From contours run on everything selected:

From contours run on just front edges:

Both overlaid. Red is everything and green is just contours only. Interior slope appears the same but notice the ups and downs along the front and sides.


Yes I noticed that already… I have now loose geometry, but if I select all I see one specific face is only selected

And if I do From Contours then just to test, only that one changes:

Here I’ve pried out a little of your terrain and exploded the groups. I softened the edges and erased all the vertical faces and profile edges.

Then I selected the remaining edges–the contours–and welded them with Auto Weld. After that I used From Contours in the Sandbox tools to create the terrain through the contour lines.

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It works! Thank you so much!
One more question: your terrain looks more smooth. Is this because you used Auto Weld? I see I have to pay for that extension

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Do you have Hidden Geometry turned on? Look in the View menu.

The cost of Auto Weld is pretty small and if your time is worth anything, you’ll easily recover that cost in time saved.

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No it was not. But this extension makes it look more smooth definitely? Because then I will purchase it ofcourse!

Auto Weld will help. It also has a lot of other benefits because it welds continuous edge segments into entities that can be selected in one go. On the off chance you use sketchy styles, Auto Weld makes a huge difference in appearance of the edges.

Unwelded edges with a sketchy style. Some edges are too short to be displayed.

Edges welded.

You could also try softening edges.

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You can also use TopoShaper to generate the terrain. Unlike From Contours you will get a quad mesh surface, not a set of irregular triangles.

TopoShaper does not require that the contours are true SketchUp curves. So no need to weld the edges.

But if you prefer to weld edges, then you can use Curvizard: select all edges and click on MakeCurve tool.


Both plugins are great and free, like many others created by Fredo6. Thank you for all of them.

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