Curved objects without the lines


Hi, does anyone how to extrude concave curves without showing the contour lines (see attached pic).

Thanks for any help,


You need to use a “weld” extension prior to using extrude or follow me on the curves you wish to extrude.

Go to the Extension Warehouse and search “Weld” there are several.

I use Fredo6’s which is free and found at the Sketchucation site.

Sketchucation plugins

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Weld or TIG-Weld from Sketchucation are very useful for welding edge segments. I cases where you’ve already created the geometry as in your screen shot, you can soften those edges. Select the edges, right click on them and choose Soften/Smooth. You can also swipe over the edges with the Eraser tool while holding Ctrl.

thanks Ryan, I’ll try that

thanks Dave, I’ll give that a try