Image as decal on Sketchup to avoid Z-fighting ? / How to flatly stick image on surface?


I use png image a lot to add graphic element like logo in SketchUp.
Problem is we cannot “scale” image after we already place it to surface.
Then I have to explore it from “Image” to “Face” or then create it as “Component”
Then SketchUp will display Z-fighting problem as below image.

My current workflow to solve Z-fighting problem is to move logo image a little bit from surface.
However it will cause another problem when render. This move away from surface logo will create shadow which I don’t want. Most time I fix it in Photoshop later, so I am wonder if there is a better way to do it ?

*Another possible solution, if we can convert any face back to “Image” this problem might be solved.
but as I know we only can covert geometry to only “group” or “component”. Please let me know if my understand is incorrect.

Below, I try to explain clearly what problem is.

Thank you for your support again.

What render?

If it’s V-Ray, you can use Decal

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Unfortunately, I don’t use Vray so I don’t have Decal feature I am asking for.
I mostly render in Blender or Twinmotion.

Here I can show you example clearly.
I can fix it in Blender using Decal, but it take more time.

However I don’t intend to ask for Rendering in other software.
I would like to learn how to remove Z-fighting during I model in SketchUp as well.

Another method, I tried is to paint it as texture.
Problem is png transparent background is showing like this.

You can scale the image itself without exploding or grouping.

Hi Box
I only can scale first time when I import to Sketchup.
However after I place it and later I decide to change scale, I cannot scale image anymore.
I have to explore it to scale again. Also for graphic design purposed I have to scale image to precise dimensions. For example I might need to scale logo text to exactly 200 mm height. During first import it is very hard to scale precisely.


Perhaps there is something with your specific logo, I have no issues importing and re-scaling .png.
GIF 6-08-2022 6-46-42 PM

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Oh!! I forget default scale. Few years already I change my “S” shortcut to “Fredo Scaling” because it is more powerful. When I change it back default SKP scale, I can scale image again.
some time simple tool may solve problem better…

Thanks for showing me :slight_smile:

BTW, if we explore image already, is there anyway to convert explored face back to image again ?

Not that I can think of just now.

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Even we can scale image image but this decal challenge is not be solved.

1.) When we copy image and place to new location. The 2nd image will not show on surface.

2.) After copy and place image to new surface, we cannot see image on surface anymore unless we move it a bit away from face.

I still look for other solutions to stick image like decal in SketchUp or maybe this area SketchUp can improve in future release.

I’m not hugely knowledgeable but could projected texture work in this instance?

Projected texture I have tried, it does not work for transparent background PNG.
It may work for full color JPEG, however there are many case we cannot use JPEG with background color. For example if we want to place logo file on brick texture wall. Then we need transparent background.

If you explode the png and make it a cutting component you can copy them happily, but you must be on the face not the group.
GIF 6-08-2022 7-30-20 PM

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Wow, such a good trick ! I never thinking about using cut opening before.
I will try maybe this can be a solution.

No, this method is not work with transparent background PNG.
The transparent will be cut to a hole.

Why don’t you just drag and drop the original image as needed.


Yes, this might be the most simple way and also work. Instead of copying png inside SKP, just drag and drop whenever we need to use. I will use this simple workflow. At least I can do thing better than my previous method.
Thank you very much for helping again today :slight_smile:

Both have decals

Not necessarily



Thank you @mihai.s. Yes we can use decal in Twin Motion.

but for SkethUp, I try to understand your method.
You just move explored face a little bit from the wall, right ? Then just turn off casting shadow ?

I try to follow you step but if logo is attached flatly to the wall, I still see Z-fighting effect.

BTW, I miss SKP original logo :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

Both logos, as an image or as a group, are a little far from the wall to avoid z-fighting. I just showed you how to avoid the shadow.


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