I'm one of you now!

I’m sad to say that my role in the middle of SketchUp no longer exists. My use of SketchUp and my part in the community is as a civilian now. (You have to pester @TheOnlyAaron for your forum needs now.)

Hi, I’m Jody!

Edit: Sorry to be vague and cryptic. This week Trimble laid off some folks and unfortunately I was part of “some folks.” I’m no longer the Knowledge Manager at SketchUp but I still want to be part of the community in some capacity. I might not model enough to be valuable all the time but I’m around.



Welcome to us, though.


Hi there.

don’t forget to update your profile, what version of SU23 are you using ?
hurry, before Dave comes around :stuck_out_tongue:

edit : hey ! I posted right before him, now my joke is dead in the water :smiley:


Hi @JodyGates, I really don’t know what to say. This comes as a surprise to me. Just yesterday I was going through some pictures from 3D Basecamp 2010 in Boulder. There’s one with a group infront of a restaurant we went to, (image below). At least you will still be around in the forum. Most of these people have ‘disappeared’.

left to right: “Catamountain”, Jody Gates, ?, August, George Knowledge, Tommy Ancierno, Jean Lemire, “Gaius”.

added: this somehow feels like Black Friday to me. Anyhow, thank you for your work and help towards us forum members and sages over all these years.




Thank you, Jody!


Sorry for the layoffs, glad to have you here!


Thanks Gerritt, the “unknown” in your picture was one of the Google Earth team members… I don’t remember the context for why she was attending… I also don’t remember her name offhand.

I do agree about the Black Friday feeling, I’ll miss getting to have these meetups.

I’m not a fan of layoffs either, but my vote wasn’t counted.

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No one could be fan of layoff, specially if there perpetual.

Hope you can find another job as soon as possible, in the meantime enjoy the free time and get the stress out by modeling on sketchup.

Your voice will be missed during every live session.


Sorry to hear Jody! Hope you find a new challenge soon…

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Hi Jody,

Sorry to hear of the layoff, hopefully it will work out for the best in the long run!

(We met and had dinner together with some of the team in Boston years ago…).

Best of luck! And welcome to this side of the fourm.

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Haven’t you been with SketchUp from the very beginning?

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Sorry for that layoff but welcome to our gang of SketchUppers.

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I’m a bit lost for words. Really sorry to hear this.
The transition to a new normal can be difficult to begin with when you’ve been with one company for a long time, it gets easier. :vulcan_salute:


Congratulations! Here’s to great new adventure!
SketchUp will be a less without you.


I don’t know how to express my feelings @JodyGates, I used to listen to you talking in the live stream and I’ll really miss that,
This definitely the end of something you (and we) loved but on the other hand it could be the beginning of something else that is better for you.

See you around

I have come to know you as one of the friendliest and most helpful team members, I hope they soon regret their decision and feel terrible. I’m glad that this is not the end for you here on the forum, which also shows that you feel a strong personal connection to SketchUp, which makes me very happy.


If so not a good sign or not to me. Layoffs suck!

What I fear is that layoffs make the current snail pace of development even slower.