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Hello, I want to Export (IFC)selected sets only their is an option inside File>Export>3D Model> Export Model–at the botton side one button ‘options’ having check box where i can select on Check box which is
“Export Selection Set Only” I can do it manually right now . So is their any way to access this option using Ruby API or any script where I can access this to export my selected entity as a IFC.

Thank You In Advance

“Export Only current selection ” ( :selectionset_only) option is not available for IFC export in Ruby API Exporter Options.
Similar as on the UI.
(It is there for DEA, 3DS, FBX, OBJ, STL)

Do we have any API that can export individual geometry into IFC ?

Any other way that we can use to export selected geometry in IFC?

You can copy the geometry into a new file and export that file…

As I mentioned above, there is no “direct” command to export only the selected entities to ifc format.
However Ruby API provides endless possibilities. You can write your own extension or script.

Here is one old example of script by TIG:
[Plugin] export_selection.rb • sketchUcation • 1

You can start with that, however you may need to modify to handle ifc export properly: you need to add an option hash according as I referred above to Exporter option and as your requirements to Model #export-instance_method… extend it to more user friendly usage… etc.


You can do it also manually, for example create a component from selection, right click on that component an save as separated file , then open that separated file then export it to ifc…
(you can undo create a component in your original file, if you want)

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Hi, I would highly recommend that you DONT use the native SU ifc export function/command as the resulting files are not structured correctly. If you write a script to export only selected objects, you would be wise to link it to the ifc-manager plugin - GitHub - BIM-Tools/SketchUp-IFC-Manager: IFC data manager and exporter for SketchUp. written by Jan Brouwer that exports correctly structured ifc files !
The way I export particular ‘selected’ objects to an ifc using that plugin is to create a scene with only those objects I want visible & make sure in the plugin pref’s that hidden objects are not included in the export. I do this frequently for ifcSpaces for exemple.
Good luck.