IFC export: Geometry not exported for IfcSite and IfcBuilding


Using SketchUp Pro 2015 I am not able to export geometry that belongs to an IfcSite instance. Attached is a SketchUp model that show the issue. The conversion log says:

IFC Entities Exported:
1 IfcSites exported

But the representation for this IfcSite is NULL. Actually, the geometry is written to the file up to the IfcShapeRep but just not linked to the IfcSite.

I do realize that the IfcSite is a little bit different from the other IfcProducts in the sense that it is already part of the model hierarchy, but it would be nice to be able to assign geometry to it, because we want to use SketchUp in a collaborative design project in which SketchUp will be mostly used for the landscaping.

When I assign geometry to a IfcBuilding the instance gets converted to a IfcBuildingElementProxy. For landscaping it would be nice to be able to write approximate building masses as actual IfcBuildings along with associated attributes.

I realize that IFC support is a relatively new feature and I don’t want to be too demanding, but both IfcBuilding as well as IfcSite are subtypes of IfcProduct and can have representations according to the schema.


IfcSite.skp (143.2 KB)

Well if it is part of the IFC 2x3 specification, don’t be shy in asking for better import & export.

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