I would like to find someone who can create a tank model for me


I would like to find a person who can create a tank model for me in sketchup, the condition is that it must be the same style as this person’s model https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/0f38bb81-97e6-4af4-84f5-05ce71437131/MARK-V

I want a tank with high quality like this with all the detail. You can published in 3d warehouse so everybody can have it too. I would pay for the person who create a model for me through paypal, but the maximum that I can pay is 20 dollars per model because I’m just a student. I want the model for mod of the men of war assault squad 2 game. So I really need someone help for creating the model. Currently the tank model that I’m interested in is female Meduim Mark C tank. If you are interested please contact me at: maysonsun@hotmail.com . Thank you for reading this

PS: I’m bad at english

Sincerely Mayspn

Why not just ask that modeler to do it for you?

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I already did, but no reply from him. I think he doesn’t use sketchup any more. I try to contact him in everyway that is possible. like twitter, his own Website about sketchup model, flickr. but no reply


i can surely help, lets talk more on this on skype - live:charles_10661 you can also reach me on charles.c@talentsfromindia.com
charles L

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Can you provide me dimensions and sections(using metric system)? d.j.guijt@gmail.com
I think i can make this