I thought I sent a private message - but


I could have sworn I sent a private message to a user yesterday. But I just checked my messages, and I don’t see it there!

It’s possible that I didn’t actually send it, but I think I did.

It occurs to me that it might disappear if the person I sent it to chose to delete it, so I’d like to test!

Would someone please send me a private message so I can try to delete it, then check in a NEW private message to see if the first one you sent is still visible to you!

And please, state in THIS thread that you sent me a PM - and if two or three people have already done so, please don’t! 2 or 3 tests should be sufficient!

Thanks in advance!


Oops! Mea Culpa! I forgot that I was looking at my Inbox - and that I should check my “Sent” messages - there is was! The person simply hasn’t replied.

So my reason for asking has now been overtaken by events. However, I’d still like one or two people to act as I invited in my original post. But now I’m simply curious if the person who receives a PM then deletes it causes it to disappear from the sender’s list of PMs.


OK. I just answered my own question.

There is no option to delete a private message available to the sender or the receiver!

So … no more need to send me test private messages! Thanks to the one person who did before I had time to post this.


No. Question was about the workings of this Forum (and by extension, other forums that use the Discourse forum hosting software).

That’s why I put it in the “Meta” category!


Actually, I DO find it funny. Why, because posting off topic is EXACTLY what you just did! So, prepare to be flagged!


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